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Meeting & Events

These are the list of meetings that we'll be doing on regular basis to keep the department in track with the business objective & goals.
In our organisational context, “meetings” refer to team gatherings focused on discussing agendas and fostering effective collaboration. On the other hand, “events” refer to specific tasks or activities that require dedicated planning and execution.


Meeting: Thursday Recurring - Weekly HR Catchup
The agenda & objective of the meeting is to align next week focus & the progress for the last week.
Event: Friday Recurring - Weekly Expense Calculations
The event focus is to curate if any new expense has been done this week. If so, then add the expense on the expense sheet & send a summary on the #deliverable-hirings channel. If there is no expense, you can the summary as 0.
Event: Friday Recurring - Fun Friday
The event focus on team building exercises with small eatables.



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