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Standard Operations

This is the standard operation or to-do tasks that needs to be done when a new employee onboards with us:
Release the Offer
Share the employee offer letter from the official mail hr@deliverable.services
Take the acceptance of offer over the mail
Waiting Period Relationship building
This is the Time-Period between when an employee accepts the offer and when they join.
Even when an employee accepts an offer it doesn’t promise that they’ll turn up on the date of joining.
During the waiting period, it is important to build a relationship with the employee. The employee should feel excited to join the organisation.
Sign up employee to the Deliverable Updates Newsletter - Yet to launch
Sign up employee to the Culture Channel - Slack or Whatsapp? - Yet to launch
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Day of Joining
Create & share the new email address
New employee welcome email & slack message
Introduction with team
Schedule time for the paperwork: NDA, Code of Conduct, Payout Details
Formal onboarding meeting with the HR Lead
Make a 1:1 meet up with Dishant & Shriya
Provide the necessary office supplies or IT accessories if required
Assign a team members that can ensure a new hire has a mentor to help them settle down
Culture Training
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