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Test Assignments List

These are the list of assignment that we can give to candidates if required.
React Engineer - UI Focused
As a react engineer who can design a good user interface, you’ve to clone a small landing page provided through Figma while keeping in mind the below guidelines.
Design should be responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop. We've shared only desktop design, the mobile and tablet design should be developed based upon your understanding. We'll be looking how well you analyse things.
You can choose any ui library if you prefer otherwise you can write you own css.
Each image can be exported from figma easily. Do a youtube search on "how to export image from Figma in view mode" if you are not sure on how to fetch images.
Font's used in the designs can be found on Google Fonts . You can find the font name from Figma.
Colors, font size, line height of each text and image can be found under Figma. If you are not sure, do a youtube search on "how to export css values from figma design in view mode". The developed code should have same values for desktop.
The deadline of the assignment is 3 days from the day it is shared.
There is no mandatory to complete 100% design sections. The only thing we need is the way you have written your code and how well it is responsive.
Typography can be found on
Timeline: 2 days
UI/UX Engineer
As a UI/UX Engineer, your assignment is to Redesign the user experience and interface for the Quora’s single QA page. The current page lacks a lot of problems and the biggest challenge with Quora is to find the proper accepted answer. Take a look at this question The first thing you want to notice is the answer for this question. Instead of getting the answer, you’ll see a feed which doesn’t resemble any thing with relevant question asked. Mostly you’ll see Advertisement, or other related question with this.
Your Task:
Revamp this single QA page with good user experience in mind and you are free to change the user interface as well based upon your understanding.
Document your research and design process on google docs. Also, Record your screen while designing your High fidelity UI on the loom or any other screen recording app.
Timeline: 2 days

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